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KiX Vision - An Introduction

Fantasy Sports Just Became A Trading Reality
So you want to trade the world’s top footballers on a frictionless DeFi exchange? That’s massively attractive .. right?!
Hold the hottest players, earn rewards when they perform, sell your footballer tokens instantly into a totally liquid and transparent market, hopefully at a profit, putting that hard earned football knowledge to work.
BUT .. you want your cash to be safe and secure in a fully decentralized environment, your keys your crypto! And ... of course, you want to have some fun and be part of a passionate football community.
If that is you, and you'd almost given up finding something really fun to do in DeFi - you have come to the right place!
We’re building the best conceivable product for you, and the football community … to actually govern and control! KiX is fully decentralized, no registration, everything on-chain.
As a not-for-profit foundation, our DAO is guided by 3 core principles and values
What exactly is KiX? KiX is a Web3 next-generation, fantasy sports, decentralized exchange (DeX). On the KiX DeX traders can buy and sell footballer tokens with prices driven by supply and demand and winnings derived from real-life player performance statistics - all with the speed, transparency and community governance enabled by the blockchain.
The KiX Foundation is a not-for-profit DAO governed by those that hold our platform token KiX - that ultimately is you, and many like you. There is no ‘them’ and ‘us’, ‘customers’ vs ‘shareholders’, there are only token holders in our project, large and small, who are all aligned in wanting our ecosystem to thrive.
All key decisions will be made by the DAO members: which footballers to add, the next sports markets, the composition of the rewards and performance points, and a host of other more complex strategic decisions over time.
Sport is arguably the most powerful and unifying force on the planet - witness the extraordinary impact of Argentina winning the World Cup, or the effect of Welcome to Wrexham on its local community. Sport is often the only thing that 'gives back' to the disenfranchised, it's the raw fabric of community where there is little else.
Decentralization and Web3 democratises this massive potential; whether it's buying a football club, or as in our case, building the infrastructure for low-carbon Play2Earn, where fans can profit from their football knowledge and share their passion with other like minded souls across the globe. The result is people empowerment and economic prosperity in countries with raging inflation and limited employment opportunities.
This is Web3 and we are fundamentally governed by our code creating a trustless relationship with our members and traders. All the key metrics of our business will be there for all to see including our reserves and our costs. Remember there is no profit line, the community is the beneficiary of every cent we spend, whether in the buying and burning of tokens, or funding grass roots sports initiatives, eventually it will all be for you to decide.
The product is designed in such a way as to be sustainable and ‘anti-fragile’ over the long term.
Liquidity is provided by our protocol-owned liquidity reserve reducing reliance on external liquidity provision to an absolute minimum.
Winnings payouts are not fixed and are similar to a parimutuel or pools bet, creating no future liability. Winnings are not funded by stakes, which in our case is the issuance of tokens, and there are no deductions to pay for licenses or reward shareholders.
The Winnings Pool may be tactically supplemented with the $KiX token from the dedicated winnings allocation, but only if strictly necessary, we are very cognisant of the the inflationary impact by token emissions - there is no free lunch.
A percentage of stakes, i.e. token issuance, may contribute to fund basic operational costs. However, this will only happen if there is a shortfall from external investment and only until such time that these costs are covered by other revenue streams, such as the sale of data and NFTs.
Community, Transparency and Sustainability all work together to enable traders to make responsible trading decisions, Play2Earn, govern, share and enjoy a great product.
Click on the links to explore where we have arrived so far with KiX. We've tried to describe the product in simple language without using jargon, so as to be understood whether you're a DeFi degen or just a mad football fan.
Please join us on this exciting journey. Ultimately it’s your project .. your journey!